CHO TIE Vintage #3
CHO TIE Vintage #3
CHO TIE Vintage #3

CHO TIE Vintage #3

Regular price ¥5,000

Unique, distinctive and exquisite – each one of our exclusive CHO bow ties is hand-crafted from vintage kimono silk, in the historic city of Kyoto, Japan.

The quality of the silk is superb, and much better than many of the modern materials used in the production of inferior “off the shelf” accessories.

Each fabric design is unique and individual, often created using traditional Japanese dying techniques like shibori and yuzen.

With such a wide range of colors and intriguing patterns to choose from, your “Cho” bow tie will add a subtle touch of elegance and individuality to your party or professional apparel.

An easy to place pin is used to tie on collard shirts or as an accessory.


100% Silk bow

Hand-crafted from vintage Kimono fabric

Each fabric pattern is unique

Dry-clean only

Artisan-made in Kyoto, Japan